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12 Gadgets of Christmas 2021

December 15, 2021

Make Christmas that much better this year with the perfect present for the techie in your life. Our team of Santa’s little technology consultants have put together a list of their favourite products from this year, to make your Christmas shopping that bit easier. Here are our 12 gadgets of Christmas.


Consultant, Guy Holvey-Clark, recommends Apple’s new AirTag Trackers

Apple air-tags product photo as the first gadget of christmas

‘Useful if you have kids that constantly lose things at school! The AirTag operates slightly differently to most trackers, it still uses Bluetooth and hasn’t got GPS – it doesn’t actually know where it is. Rather, it sends out little Bluetooth distress signals to nearby devices, like a tourist asking for directions.

Those distress signals can be picked up by any devices on the company’s ‘Find My’ network. Other people’s iPhones, iPads and even Macs can all pick up the signal and report the location back to Apple’s servers, without the users being involved at any point, essentially extending the search range indefinitely.’


Jean Audrain, HR Advisor, loves her STYLPRO Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

‘Always enjoy clean and dry brushes in 30 seconds with the Electric Brush Cleaner from StylPro! This makeup brush cleaner kit comes with everything you need to remove even the most stubborn makeup without any dry time. I just love it!’


Our Director of Professional Services, John Gamble, thinks the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is pretty smart

‘As well having a video app on your phone to see and speak to whoever is there, you can also tie it into SONOS using If-This-Then-That and get a nice bell ringing through your speakers.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 also has Alexa Greetings! Alexa can speak to visitors and accept deliveries when you can’t get to the door. It’s the first doorbell to run your front door.


For the hard-core tech fans, our consultant Gavin Lanoe wants to build his own new 8-bit computer for Christmas

Minstrel 2 8bit computer ZX80

‘Get out the soldering iron and build a computer the proper way. Final Edition Minstrel kits feature a newly written 100-page assembly guide.’


Debbie Davies at ALX Training will be using her Thermomix to make her Christmas dinner this year

Thermomix product image

‘I use mine every day! The Thermomix is an all-in-one multicooker that makes accomplishing more possible. It is made with state-of-the-art technology that not only allows you to cook thousands of recipes but to do it all with ease’


Service Operations Technician, George Bonghea, knows every musician needs a Soundbrenner Core Watch

Soundbrenner core smartwatch

‘I think this a great gadget for every musician, and I really love their concept. The Core watch includes all your essential music tools in one powerful device. You can free your ears and feel the beat with a built-in silent, vibrating metronome, you can also connect with your band and play as one, and with just a twist you can use your core watch as a magnetic contact tuner.’


Michael Du Bois, Senior Consultant, would like a Fun Bikes Electric Scooter to get around in 2022

Fun Bikes electric scooter product image

‘The Dualtron Mini electric scooter is one of the latest models in the Dualtron range and it has been an incredibly popular top-end commuter scooter, it is a fantastic upgrade to many of the existing scooters on the market currently.’

With its sleek intelligent design, it is light and folds for easy transportation. It also comes with high quality lithium battery pack as standard meaning it will get you where you need to go, and the powerful motors ensure your journey will be as exciting as you dare!’


Our Design Consultant, Bart Wijsmuller, would like a Ledger Nano X

Ledger nano x product image

‘The Nano X allows you to manage and invest your crypto currency anytime, anywhere! It’s the perfect offline hardware wallet for managing your crypto.

You can install up to 100 currencies or apps at the same time: including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and more than 1,800 different tokens. Secure, buy, exchange, and grow your crypto assets with the Bluetooth-enabled hardware wallet. With all your crypto in one place, you’re in total control of your assets.’


Bart also has the Smart Garden 3 on his Christmas list

smart garden 3 product image

‘Grow your perfect garden of herbs and flowers all year round. The Smart Garden 3 is an innovative indoor garden that cares for itself and grows fresh, flavourful herbs, fruits and vegetables for you.

Experience all the benefits of having your own garden, no matter where you live. The Click & Grow indoor garden works just like a capsule coffee machine, but for plants. Instead of coffee pods, it offers biodegradable plant pods that have seeds and nutrients inside so you could enjoy homegrown food all year.’


We couldn’t forget your furry family and friends. Our Marketing and Communications Manager, Courtney Simpson, is getting her puppy a Petcubes Bites 2

Petcubes Bites 2 product image

‘The Petcube Bites 3 enables you can stay connected to your pets no matter where you are. This is great if your pets need a little bit of extra attention after lockdowns. You can see, talk to, fling treats and reward your pet to enhance training and prevent anxious behaviour.

It has a wide-angle view and night vision to see your pets as well as two-way audio and a built-in treat dispenser.’


Our Senior Design Consultant, Noel Mallet, would like to download the latest in design apps, including Procreate for iPad

pro create app 2

‘Procreate has some great new features like the ability to paint on 3D models, but what makes it special is that it is easy to start creating with it and the output can be good enough for professional illustrations if you set your projects up properly. It’s a great app to start learning a digital illustration career and a very powerful app for any budding hobby artists, all for $9.99’


Check out the DJI FPV Combo, an immersive FPV drone experience

DJI FPV Drone Combo product image

‘The DJI FPV aircraft can record 4K/60fps video at up to 120 Mbps, capturing crisp details that make footage look as exhilarating as the flight.’

Multiple flight modes let users of any level fly, and the ultra-intuitive DJI Motion Controller provides stunningly intuitive control.

DJI FPV comes fully assembled, with everything you need for a seamless, hassle-free flight experience. Repairs are fast and easy thanks to a modular design with easily replaceable parts.