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C5’s Jersey COVID-19 Statistics Report

April 30, 2020
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Our Director of Professional Services, John Gamble, along with members of his team have put technology to the statistics using PowerBI. They have created an easy to read report that not only provides Jersey statistics but compares to other countries facing these challenges around the world. Here are John’s thoughts for a data perspective along with the report.

‘The COVID-19 pandemic that we all find ourselves in is unprecedented. It’s affected everyone worldwide and for most of us life will not be the same when it ends. In Jersey we’ve been in lock down for nearly a month now and we’re continuing to social distance.

From a data perspective, like us, I’m sure you’ve all been glued to the various statistics that are published each day. Knowing how many cases, recoveries, false tests and sadly deaths is now a daily routine with news briefings and various other alerts. There’s some great statistics from the Government of Jersey about on about COVID-19 or Coronavirus in Jersey, but we wanted a little bit more, so please see our report.

What’s different – comparing Jersey to other countries

The aim of this report is not to replace as the primary source of official information. Instead this could perhaps complement it. What we’ve done is use the data from Jersey’s Open Data website and then overlaid and combined that data from WorldOMeter and John Hopkins University trackers so to be able to compare Jersey with other countries in the world. We appear just as Channel Islands under WorldOMeter currently. We’ve also tried to be fair and provide interesting comparisons such as the growth in cases per 100k population based on days since first case, for example. See the “Country Comparison” page for this metric.

We don’t offer any conclusions from this data, that’s not our role. We’re not here to say whether we’re “flattening the curve” or whether we should reduce lock down restrictions – that is for our Government and their advisors. Our purpose of this is to help people visualise the Jersey related data and provide the ability to compare Jersey to other countries.

The report refreshes a couple of times a day (morning and afternoon) and is 100% dependent on updates to the public data web sites it references. If you find any errors, or have any comments or suggestions about what else might be useful then please let us know and we’ll try to add them in.

We hope you find this useful and interesting.

Stay safe.