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Introducing Microsoft Mesh for Teams – An Exciting New Capability

February 14, 2022
Microsoft Mesh VR Meeting - Feature Image

Ever since the global pandemic began in 2020, workers have been forced to abandon their offices and learn to collaborate with colleagues online, as a result Microsoft have created Microsoft Mesh for Teams

Ongoing studies show that during meetings when everyone turns their cameras on, people feel engaged and more present. However, for some people this action feels awkward, and they then decide to represent themselves with a static bubble containing initials.

So, Microsoft has provided a solution to this problem – Mesh for Teams. This feature combines virtual reality with Microsoft Teams and is designed to make work meetings more fun and personal.

Example of Microsoft Mesh in action

It can be accessed from smartphones to laptops and allows you to join meetings as a customised avatar of yourself. Microsoft Mesh aims to improve remote collaboration and provide immersive training and communication tools for businesses and consumers.

Team meeting organisers can build immersive spaces known as metaverses – within Teams and the Teams users can then take their avatars into these spaces to mix and mingle, along with collaborating on projects and general communication.

The most compelling feature of Mesh is the sense of presence it provides. Users can feel like they are in a physical location that is hundreds or thousands of miles away. Mesh means that you can engage with eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures and you can let your personality be seen.

Microsoft Mesh along with Teams provides an array of benefits, it enables you to collaborate virtually, across time zones, coming together digitally. Mesh also means that you can overlay contextual data to ensure a shared understanding as well as provides the ability to design together in 3D.

According to Microsoft, this platform is the result of years of research and development into areas such as hand and eye-tracking. This research allowed for the creation of holograms and artificial intelligence models that can produce expressive and customised avatars.

Built on Azure, Microsoft Mesh will also include the platform’s enterprise-grade security and privacy features.

Microsoft Mesh will also become a crucial part of learning and development in organisations. While business leaders strive to create more meaningful, deeper connections for their employees these technologies will enable them to provide an on-the-job training experience while staff continues to work remotely.

To learn more about Microsoft Mesh, CLICK HERE

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