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2017 Channel Island Cybersecurity Summit – REGISTRATION CLOSED

October 18, 2017

Security Partners C5 Alliance and Metaphor IT are pleased to be hosting a one-day conference that encompasses strategic thought leadership considerations for senior leaders, complemented by a separate technical agenda for those who are working on the frontline of cybersecurity.


Date: October 18, 2017
Time: 11:00am-3:00pm
Venue: Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Jersey
Rue de L'etau
Saint Helier

Speaker Name




Security for Senior Leaders Agenda

Gus Fraser & Stuart GristC5 Alliance & Metaphor ITWelcome to the 2017 Channel Island Cybersecurity Summit11:00-11:15am
Paul DucklinSophosCybercrime – Why We’re Not Doomed After All11:15-11:45am
Claira Miles C5 AllianceCybersecurity: the Holistic Approach11:45- 12:15pm
LUNCH: 12:15-1PM
Gus Fraser C5 AllianceCybersecurity on the Board Agenda1-1:30pm
Ken Munro Pen TestingHacking in Real Time: What does an attack really look like?1:30-2pm
Stuart GristMetaphor ITGDPR: What considerations should businesses be making?2-2:30pm

Closing Statements and Panel Discussion: 2:30-3pm

Networking: 3-4PM

Security for Technical Professionals Agenda

Gus Fraser & Stuart GristC5 Alliance & Metaphor ITWelcome to the 2017 Channel Island Cybersecurity Summit11:00-11:15am
Rob Allen and Glyn MorganLogRhythmUser & Entity Behaviour Analytics 11:15-11:45am
Stewart OutramHPEHPE Servers: Security Built in11:45-12:15pm
LUNCH: 12:15-1PM
James SolomonC5 AllianceWindows 10 Security for the Modern Workplace1-1:30pm
Martin AnwyllPhishMeIntroducing PhishMe:
Human Phishing Defense
Mario CirilloMetaphor ITSecure Remote Working Practices for your Users2-2:30pm

Closing Statements and Panel Discussion: 2:30-3pm

Networking: 3-4PM

Security for Senior Leaders Speaker Line-up

Paul Ducklin, Sophos: Cybercrime – Why We’re Not Doomed After All

When it comes to cybercrime, it’s easy to think we’re stuck on a slippery slope, headed inexorably downwards on the path to perdition. Google coded malware-friendly bugs into Android; Apple stored your passwords as your password hints (some hint!); Yahoo lost data on one billion accounts, then realised it was probably *three* billion; ransomware keeps jumping up and punching businesses of all sizes squarely in the face, and then demanding money to go away.

Are we all doomed? Paul Ducklin doesn’t think so – and he’s raring to pass on his optimism. Of course, there are a few things we all need to do to help out along the way… so he’ll tell you what those are too.

Claira Miles, C5 Alliance: Cybersecurity: the Holistic Approach

Having recently been awarded the MBA in Cyber Security with Distinction from Coventry University, one of the first cohorts of professionals to gain this qualification; and as a qualified GDPR practitioner, Claira’s insights are not to be missed. Her talk will be focussed on how taking a holistic people-based approach to your cybersecurity strategy to enable you to make your company more robust and better able to address potential cybersecurity risks.

Gus Fraser, C5 Alliance: Cyber Security on the Board Agenda

As Group Chief Technology Officer for C5 Alliance, Gus leads the strategic technical direction for the company and for our clients. Utilising his experience, Gus’ talk will address the imbalance of cybersecurity knowledge at board level and empower attendees to consider ways in which they can engage with cybersecurity practices to derisk their businesses and future proof their strategy. A real must for C-level executives.

Ken Munro, PenTestPartners

Ken is a respected speaker and pulls no punches during his annual Tech Talk presentations at Infosecurity Europe, where he can also be found performing practical hack attacks on the company stand. This session is one you shouldn’t miss – an accessible and fun talk on how the IoT and its devices can be weaponised, subverted and abused, using real-life examples. From toys that spy, to an IoT botnet that could take down the national grid.

Please register for the session you’d like to attend. There will be the capacity to pick and mix sessions on the day, although admittance will be strictly first come, first served.

Stuart Grist, Metaphor IT

Stuart is the commercial director and one of the founders of Metaphor IT which was established two years ago. During the Security Summit, he will be discussing how the Channel Islands are using technology to secure their business. He will also be discussing the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation and how it is going to affect your business when it comes into force.

Security for Technical Professionals Speaker Line-up

LogRhythm: LogRhythm for Threat Recognition

At their technical session, LogRhythm will be guiding you through the world of security intelligence via a series of demonstrations and guided hands-on use cases. See them design security policies in a live environment to detect and respond to cyber threats.

Stuart Outram, HPE: HPE Servers: Security Built in

Stuart began his career as a lecturer in Pure & Applied Mathematics. Upon completing an MSc in Digital Control System Design he moved into the IT Industry where he worked as a CAD CAM Specialist, deploying CAD CAM solutions based on Workstations.

In his session Stewart will address:

  • The shift in focus of security attacks to firmware
  • HPE Gen10 overview
  • Security enhancements introduced into the HPE Gen10 products
  • Secure Compute Lifecycle
  • Silicon Root of Trust
  • Secure Start
  • Run Time Validation
  • Secure Recovery
James Solomon, C5 Alliance

James will be presenting on “Windows 10 Security for the Modern Workplace” to introduce you to the security features in Windows 10 including Windows Defender ATP. In this session he will illustrate how upgrading to cloud-powered Windows 10 Enterprise Edition can help your organisation continue to get the latest in Windows security from Microsoft, at less overall cost.

He will also be covering why this is the most secure version of Windows ever and how your organisation can:

  • Be better equipped to identify potential data breaches
  • Better protect your systems so that data breaches happen less
  • More responsive to breaches when they happen
Martin Anwyll, Phish Me: Cybersecurity Awareness 101: Removing the Risk of Human Error

As the security industry has continued to under invest in the human element of security, phishing has become the top attack vector for cyber criminals. Breaches continue to occur in record numbers, identification takes an exorbitantly long time, and the most preferred target is an organisation’s human assets.

In this presentation, Martin will discuss:

  • Why the cybersecurity industry is broken
  • How to reduce susceptibility to human-targeted attacks
  • How to empower users to become human sensors to recognize and report suspected attacks
Mario Cirillo, Metaphor IT: Secure Remote Working Practices for your Users

Users are trying to find smarter and more effective ways to work, emailing documents to themselves so they can continue working on them at home or uploading a document to dropbox so it can be accessed on an iPad and read on the train. But is this way of working secure? During his technical session Mario will be covering some of the technologies you can implement to help address the security and usability issues associated with remote and collaborative working.