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Outsourced Database Administration

Consultants managing an outsourced database server

Outsourced database administration service for one of the largest banking groups in the UK, Europe and Channel Islands.

Business Challenge
One of the largest banking groups in the UK, Europe and Channel Islands have an extensive Microsoft SQL Server database estate powering most business systems including the core banking systems, online internet banking system and other key regulatory and customer platforms. The Estate is large with nearly 25 servers and 500+ databases and was only formally supported by one individual within the client’s business.

As well as a key-person risk the estate was viewed as being too large for just one individual to manage and given the business criticality of the estate, the client wanted to ensure that it is appropriately managed within defined SLAs and available to support business activities.

C5 have a team of experienced Data Base Administrators as part of the Data and Analytics team and now provide the client with an outsourced database administration managed service (DBA-as-a-Service) for the proactive management of the Estate. The service is defined under two categories:

  1. Run – providing all the maintenance, routine process monitoring, small changes (e.g. patching) and tuning to ensure the Estate is available to the bank. This mitigates the key person risk, ensures the Estate is managed and any alerting is picked up and resolved.
  2. Change – covering continuous improvement supporting version upgrades and business initiatives or projects. This recognises that business requirements and initiatives change and ensures availability of consultants and technical teams to support these projects.

Business Outcome/Impact
The objectives of the service have been met and the client “no longer worries about SQL”. The Estate is supported, managed, tuned, patched and available to business applications within defined SLAs and KPIs. The key person risk has been mitigated, and the ability to provide specialist SQL consultancy to business initiatives has been enhanced.

Key Takeaway
C5 were able to provide a set of services using a combination of the IT Managed Services and Data & AI practices now providing continuity of service, peace of mind and reduction in risk. With specialist SQL DBAs managing the estate, further initiatives including estate consolidation, upgrade and migration to Cloud services providing further savings can be considered.

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