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Francois Roussel

François is a Senior Consultant in the Bespoke Development team who mostly works on .Net desktop and web applications. In recent years he has been working for a local financial regulatory body on their internal registry and supervision systems.

François has also implemented the most recent changes to a large high street bank’s internet banking application, modernising the website styling and adding functionality such as change of address or certificates of interest.

To perform these tasks, François has implemented a range of his skills including SQL Server database design, multithreaded application development, XAML desktop application development, XML processing and also HTML, CSS and JavaScript for website development. François is especially fond of medium to large scale projects where he can use several facets of his skillset.

François has been interested in software development from an early age and started in the early 1980s with scientific calculators and the first personal computers like the VIC20 or Commodore 64. Even when at the ESCP (Paris business school) François tried to incorporate Information Systems Management in his curriculum, choosing it as a major subject in the final year.

Since then François has always tried to combine business/accounting and software development in projects for banks and other financial institutions or in software product development (François was a lead developer of Carat, a financial consolidation package developed by Cartesis in the 1990s).

Fun fact: François is a passionate traveller, who tries to visit new countries every year to discover their culture and natural wonders. He met his partner on one of these trips, trekking in the Dolpo region of the Himalayas at 4000 meters above sea level.