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Data management,
protection and recovery

Adopting Rubrik cloud technologies for data backup and recovery ensures that you are protected from cybercriminal attacks, meet regulatory compliance and benefit from near-zero recovery times.

Recover faster. Stay smarter.

Rubrik cloud data management solution delivers radically simple data protection enabling near zero recovery time with data immutability to defend against ransomware.

Delivered through our data specialists and housed in secure data centres, your applications and data are stored in an immutable format preventing ransomware from access and encrypting your backups.

  • Network Protection Icon
    Recover data quickly

    With just a few clicks Rubrik can enable you to restore the most recent clean state with incremental-forever backups and point-in-time recovery. With data informed insights you can easily recover the data that has been impacted.

  • Data Residency icon
    Prevent data loss

    Use Rubrik point-in-time recovery to restore to the most recent timestamp. Ensure multi-layered data security by encrypting your data at rest or in-transit.

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    Resume business fast

    We will use pre-built automation tools and API integrations in Rubrik to help your business recover fast and stay ahead of the curve.

How it works

Rubrik provides a multi-level defence enabling you to see how your data changed at the time of the attack. Leverage machine learning to detect and alert on suspicious behaviour.

Detect anomalies

Leverage greater insights on suspicious activity to accelerate detection.

Analyse threat impact

Prevent data loss with granular visibility into which applications and files were impacted.

Advise, Transform, Run

Our specially designed Advise, Transform, Run methodology will enable us to develop the right solution to meet your needs focused on transforming your current backup solution to optimise resilience, mitigate risk and protect from ransomware threats.

[Advise, transform, run image]


Through analysis of your data backup and recovery needs, we will define a strategy that meets your business requirements ensuring your organisation is able to recover data whenever necessary. A well-defined solution allows your business to effectively minimise data loss, meet governance and risk compliance and improve storage and cost management.


Working with the latest best-in-class technology, we will deliver a modern backup and recovery service that meets today’s demands on service and application availability. With 100% transparency, you can choose to locate your data within the Channel Islands or in a public cloud data centre of choice. This allows you to align with your compliance and regulatory requirements


Backup and recovery are ongoing processes, and we can provide 24x7x365 management of your solution. This ensures your data can be recovered whenever it is needed, allowing business continuity and continual achievement of your back up objectives. We monitor and report on the completion, status, and health of your backup to provide actionable insights to continually develop your backup strategy.

Other Key Features

  • Policy Engine
  1. With Rubrik’s policy engine, users can be assured that their data is protected, secured, and complies with service level agreements. Users can set up policies for data archiving, replication, backup and recovery. The policy engine also lets users determine the schedule of data archival, replication, retention, and backup. Policies can be created on a file set, VM, or application basis.
  • Predictive Global Search
  • Actionable Insights for Hybrid
  • Granular Reporting
  • Visual Reports
  • Access VMs, Applications, Files
  • Deduplication
  1. Data compression technique that is made possible by Rubrik’s copy data management feature. Deduplication allows for the replication of on-premises applications and data to the cloud, all with little effect on production workloads or ongoing development and at a reduced storage cost.
  • Copy Data Management
  • Replication
  • Self-Service and Orchestration
  • Recovery Policies
  • Backup Policies
  • Replication Policies
  • Archival Policies
  1. GDPR mandates that data retention and deletion policies match business use cases. Simplify the process by automating retention and archival policies.
  • Remote Site Monitoring
  • Data Management for GDPR Compliance
  • Test/Dev
  • Ensure your security measures are effective. Use the Live Mount feature to test your disaster recovery plan without impacting production workloads.
  • Security
  1. From the ground up, data protection was designed into our platform. Rubrik secures all data with end-to-end encryption from creation to expiration, regardless of location.

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Email or call +44 1534 633733

Additional Services

From migration to the cloud and the management of your cloud infrastructure, platforms and software, through to providing analytical reports as part of our data services, Click here to find out how we can help with all aspects of your journey to the cloud.