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OVH Data Center Fire: Hope is not a strategy

March 15, 2021
Feature Image: OVH Data Center on fire

Last week the European cloud computing giant, OVH, had a major fire which destroyed one of their Strasbourg datacentres and damaged another.

Meanwhile, the company shut down two of their other datacentres located at the site as a precautionary measure. Fortunately, nobody was reported to be injured.

This incident underlines just how important offsite backups are. Our Head of Business Development, Andy Jarrett, discusses the importance of offsite backups and how businesses can ensure they have an effective strategy for data recovery.

The Importance of offsite backups

‘OVH is one of the bigger providers outside of the “big three” with 27 datacentres globally, 15 of which are in Europe. The disaster was thought to have taken more than 3.5 million websites offline.

All too often businesses confuse data backup with data availability or assume that they can rely on retention policies that mitigate the requirement for backups because they are using a cloud vendor.

Some think these providers are too big to fail and seem satisfied that their disaster recovery plan is the cloud provider.

Solution: Online Backup & Real Time Replication Services

It is therefore surprising that the websites OVH support were not instantly re-provisioned within a matter of minutes.

Online backup solutions are highly cost effective today, C5 have several online backup and real time replication services that plug seamlessly into M365, Azure and other cloud vendors at price points that remove the debate over whether a business can justify the cost.

The question should be how quickly you want to recover and from what point in time.’

For information about our cost-effective disaster recovery as a service offering, email us at or call +441534 633 733.