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Secure Chat GPT for your business

Securely integrate ChatGPT for your business

Level up your organization with a secure and adaptable Generative AI Foundation without compromising your IP, data security or data governance policies

Productivity Superpowers

Microsoft has enabled organisations with an Azure tenant to implement their own GPT models, within their Azure tenant, secured from public access. Microsoft has made a commitment to ensure that data shared with a model is not kept beyond an active session and is therefore not used in any way to train models for public users or other organisations.

Our Data and AI team can configure a GPT model in your existing MS Azure environment securely and within the context of a logged-on user’s access credentials and permitted enterprise data which can then be analysed to provide a response relevant to both the user’s rights and the business task in hand, effectively giving you access to secure Chat GPT for your business:

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    Staff and Customer Services

    Your GPT model can serve as a staff inquiry knowledge base, offering information on company policies, procedures, and guidelines. By answering questions promptly, GPT can also help alleviate the workload of customer support representatives

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    Research and Development

    Enhance productivity, enable informed decision-making, and drive advancements in research endeavours. It also aids in code prototyping and feasibility assessment through scenario simulation

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    Your in-house GPT model can assist in crafting compelling and engaging content for various communication channels. It can generate creative ideas for marketing campaigns, product descriptions, and social media posts and assist in market research by analysing customer feedback, sentiment analysis, and identifying trends

Your team can enjoy the familiar ChatGPT experience with enhanced features including prompt Management and easy Chat Sharing and Export but, critically, your organisation’s data never leaves your Azure Tenant.

Diagram showing how Secure Chat GPT for your business works

With a private Chat GPT model safely implemented within your IT infrastructure, additional data protection risks are mitigated and public models such as the public ChatGPT can be blocked from use, without blocking the benefits the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) can bring to an organisation’s workforce.

Genuine business value

Unlock your enterprise data

Ask natural language questions of your enterprise documents and data to quickly find answers and free up your team from tedious research tasks. Fine-tune and customise the model’s responses to align with your organisation’s specific needs.

Enhanced Chat and Token History

Access and review the complete chat history, enabling better context and understanding of conversations. Track token usage for better cost management and optimisation.

Easy Chat Sharing and Export

Seamlessly share and export chat conversations for collaboration, review, or archiving purposes, facilitating efficient communication and knowledge sharing within your teams.

To find out how a secure Chat GPT model for your business can boost productivity, get in touch with our Data & AI Team:

Email or call +44 1534 633733

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