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Cybersecurity and Technical Infrastructure

Accelerate and modernise
your infrastructure.

Our expert Infrastructure and Cybersecurity consultants are ready to help you shape and achieve your business vision, whether on-premises, in a hybrid setup, or fully in the public cloud.

Our Cybersecurity and Technical Infrastructure Services Practice stands as a bulwark against the ever-evolving digital threats, while also serving as a beacon for optimal infrastructure performance and scalability. With our expert guidance, your organisation can confidently navigate the complex cybersecurity and technical infrastructure landscape, ensuring a secure, resilient, and agile foundation for the future.

Through our ‘Advise, Transform, Run’ lifecycle service delivery model and our Cloud Infrastructure Services, we provide an extensive solution suite to facilitate an easier journey to the cloud.
Microsoft Solutions Partner Logos
C5 have 4 out of the 6 new Microsoft Solutions Partner designations. This makes C5 Alliance the only technology provider in the Channel Islands to have achieved this many designations, that replace the old Microsoft Gold and Silver Competencies. C5 Alliance has achieved designations in Data and AI, Digital and App Innovation, Infrastructure and Modern Work.

We specialise in well-architected reviews for Azure workloads and provide brief infrastructure health assessments to identify areas for improvement.

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    Endpoint Security Expertise

    Endpoint protection in today’s interconnected environment is of paramount importance. Our consultation and review services encompass both on-premises and cloud-based endpoint security, enabling you to stay one step ahead of threats and vulnerabilities.

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    Data Security and Compliance Assurance

    In a world where data security and compliance are paramount, our Windows Vulnerabilities and Compliance Review, encompassing both on-premises and cloud infrastructure, provides comprehensive guidance, making certain that your systems meet the highest security and compliance standards.

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    Ransomware resilience

    The menace of ransomware looms large, making our Backup and Recovery services indispensable. We provide a particular focus on ransomware immutable protection and recovery, offering consultation and review to safeguard your data from malicious attacks, ensuring business continuity in the face of adversity.

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    External Internet Threat Report

    We have developed an in-house, non-intrusive, multi-modal technology that provides our clients a hacker’s eye. Just by using your business name and primary domains as a starting point, we can identify your exposure on the internet and the potential threats and vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers

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    Analyse and Optimise Virtual on-Prem workloads

    C5 can deliver a Big Data analytics platform for virtualised infrastructures that provides data-driven insights to improve IT performance, ROI, and data protection through analysis of IT metadata.

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    Securing and Updating Technical Infrastructure

    Our consultation and review services for OS upgrades provide guidance on EOL and EOS elements, allowing you to stay current and secure. We also offer Firewall and Network Review services to assess your architecture and vulnerabilities, ensuring robust protection against external threats.

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    Seamless Cloud Transitions

    Understanding that the cloud is a significant frontier for modern enterprises, we offer on-prem workload analysis and assessment to gauge your organisation’s readiness for a seamless transition to the cloud. This service equips you with insights and recommendations, allowing you to harness the power of cloud technology efficiently and securely.

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    Optimising Azure Performance

    As the cloud becomes increasingly central to modern business operations, we offer a comprehensive Azure Well-Architected Review, focusing on reliability, cost management, operational excellence, security, and performance efficiency. This service ensures that your cloud infrastructure is not just operational but optimised for the highest level of performance and security.

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    VMware & Virtualisation review

    One of the cornerstones of our practice is our VMware and virtualisation consultation and review services. We assist our clients in identifying end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-support (EOS) elements within their virtualised environments and provide clear upgrade path recommendations. In a rapidly evolving virtualisation landscape, our guidance ensures the continuity and efficiency of your infrastructure, safeguarding your investments and data.

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    Optimising Hardware Infrastructure

    Our Hardware Review service is another key facet, catering to your storage and compute needs. We guide you in identifying EOL and EOS hardware components and suggest strategic upgrade paths to keep your infrastructure agile and resilient.

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    Cloud Adoption Framework

    Successful adoption of cloud technology can drive fiscal performance, improve your agility to respond to and drive market change and accelerate business outcomes. However, it requires following a Cloud Adoption Framework to bring together people, processes, and technology. Find out how we can help you choose the right mix of cloud to meet your business goals as part of our Cloud Infrastructure Services

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