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AI & Data Science

Transform to forward looking reporting

Effective AI and Data Science can help predict your organisations’ key performance markers such as demand, revenue, market share, cost and risk, enabling you to build a more effective business strategy.

Traditional BI

Looking at historical data and the current state of play is the more traditional, reactive approach to business intelligence.

It is important for organisations to see how well (or poorly) they are performing using data science so that improvements can be made to services and functions but forecasts are often based on short term manual analysis of data and is a backward-looking formula to deriving benefit from aggregated data.

Machine Learning approach

Long term automated forecasts enabled through machine learning look at historical and current data sets to forecast future results. This approach can help identify changes to services and processes to improve performance and prevent issues even arising in the first place.

Machine learning is used to solve very specific types of real-world problems that can’t be solved using traditional Business Intelligence. These problems can be divided into three categories:

  • Business Insights Icon

    Use AI and data science to accurately predict an organisations’ key performance markers such as demand, revenue, market share, cost and risk enables business leaders to build more effective business strategies ensuring success. This can provide the business with the capability to perform scenario modelling Enables thought leaders to test hypothesis in a controlled manner before introducing it into the business plan

  • Analytics Icon

    Classifying items of interest into the right groups using AI and data science: Identifying which patient profiles will use which services Classification of customer base: determining what customers’ want, when they want it and how they want it Predict customer’s future needs and behaviours Modelling customer behaviour to new products, determining more accurately which will succeed and which will fail

  • Flexibility and Scalability Icon

    Optimising schedules, operational processes and systems for maximum efficiency and effectiveness Using specific advanced data science analytic techniques optimise any process to ensure it's returning maximum yield, where yield can be anything from: maximum re-use of an asset, most cost-effective path, greatest revenue path or shortest/quickest path.

Genuine business value

Ashburton Logo

Data Warehouse Solution

Our Data Warehouse and reporting platform met Ashburton’s strategic objectives whilst providing flexibility to develop the system in the future. The organisation now has a simplified, trustworthy and accessible core system that is less complex and delivers more efficient and effective working practices.

Jersey Fire and Rescue service Logo

Power BI Solution for Jersey Fire and Rescue Service.

“Our customer relationship with C5 Alliance was brilliant. From the moment we asked for what we wanted, the ease in dealing with the company was great. It was a breeze to get to where we are now. Power BI helps us pick out trends from our data so we can focus our resources. Having data every night means we can have an accurate record of exactly how many incidents we’ve been to this year and can break it down into areas that we may need to discuss and review. In the future, we would like to roll the Power BI system out into all our business areas including training recording, team KPI live reporting, fire safety inspections, health and safety incidents, and HR information.”

Marc Le Cornu, Station Commander Jersey Fire and Rescue Service

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