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Cross Platform Mobile Applications

Bespoke software apps for phones, tablets and desktops

Our applications development team follow a tried and tested process to produce true native cross-platform apps for our clients.

We use the same tools, language, and code to develop apps for mobile, server, and cloud. It means we can develop at pace and the familiar skillset means we can easily add more resources if we need to scale-up a project.

With the ability to access the full spectrum of functionality exposed by the underlying platform and device, as well as leveraging platform-specific hardware acceleration, our apps are compiled for native performance and designed to behave the way your users expect.

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    Built on the power of Microsoft Azure

    Most mobile applications need a scalable, efficient and versatile back-end. Whether you need storage, a database or intelligent services in your app, Azure has all you need to power your mobile front-end.

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    Strengthened by our technical partnership

    Our Digital and App Innovation Microsoft Partner Solution designation means our developers have access to a wide range of technical resources to help ensure your mobile application meets the requirements of your business challenges.

Genuine business value

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Development of a software solution for a trust and corporate services organisation to submit reports to the financial regulator.

“It was a pleasure working with the team at C5 on this project, They had an initial product which immediately suggested to us that it could provide a much better solution than manually keying the data required by the Registry. Once engaged, C5 were pro-active and engaged with the project right through to completion and provided invaluable advice, assistance and support throughout”

Danielle Gray, Company Secretary Administrator Vistra Jersey

Find out how your organisation can benefit from our cross-platform mobile applications development skills.

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