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User Experience & UI Design Services

Helping deliver an
optimal user experience

Rather than leave the experience to chance, we have our own team of UX and UI design specialists that can help you build an intuitive interface that enables a frictionless user-journey.

Since the widespread adoption of personal mobile devices we all expect software applications to conform to certain usability and accessibility standards, but so often we can feel let-down when an interface doesn’t behave as we expect it to.

For the best results our UX and UI experts will work directly with the client and our development team from the outset of a project, starting with the design workshops at the early stages of a project. Design-led development takes advantage of proven design thinking methodology to deliver an optimal user experience, promoting unity between stakeholders, designers and developers, while ensuring that the needs of the end user are addressed at every step of the delivery process.

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    Reduce Costs & Save Budget

    Many projects overlook user experience (UX) to save budget, when in fact a strong UX foundation at the start of a project can reduce costs during development and testing because many issues around content and user interactions will have already been addressed.

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    Responsive Design & Compatibility

    The devices we all use to access information are constantly evolving, so our user experience approach is backed-up with a strong focus on making sure the UI design is right for each solution, whether its for a desktop screen, a smartwatch or both.

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    Accessibility and usability go hand-in-hand with good UX and UI to round off the solution and make it easy for the audience to enjoy the experience we have designed and developed. We can make sure everything we design and our developers build conforms to agreed accessibility standards.

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    UX Consulting

    Get a holistic view of your product, how it performs with customers and ideate, design & optimise existing or new ideas. Our training and experience means we can analyse your existing systems and produce a report giving recommendations on how you can improve your processes from a users perspective, helping you retain customers, save your people time in their day-to-day tasks and maximise your investment in technology.

  • NNG User Experience UXMC Certification Stamp
    NNG UX Certified

    We employ some of the most highly qualified user experience consultants in the Channel Islands, with training from NNG, world leaders in research-based user experience.

Genuine business value

Our experienced UX team have helped a variety of projects succeed including:

  • Accessible enterprise-scale websites for local government
  • Highly usable Cross-platform apps for mobile and desktop environments
  • Complex UI Data-visualisation solutions for local government, financial organisations and utility companies
  • Successful UX and UI update of the internet banking platform for a major offshore bank

Find out how your organisation can benefit from our UX and UI design services.

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