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Deliver a superior productivity experience for your employees and protect your data.

In recent years, Microsoft and Citrix have joined forces to help IT professionals protect company data across all platforms and deliver better productivity experiences.

The Citrix collaboration tool enables organisations to wholeheartedly embrace digital transformation, utilising security, cloud and mobility strategies while effectively optimising and mobilising data delivery securely.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

This allows your team to engage in business from any location at any time, by delivering a comprehensive virtual desktop to any device.

Maximise your mobile productivity

Use Citrix systems to place effective ‘work-from-anywhere’ flexibility right at the heart of your business, facilitating the freedom for employees to work from their own devices.

Automated management workflow

Citrix systems can automate tasks and workflow for administrators, simplifying management and maximising productivity, which ultimately leads to a higher quality client experience.

Simplify remote desktop access

Workspace enables remote application, desktop and data access. This popular tool is confidently used across a range of devices by over 100 million users worldwide.

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