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Efficiency, security, and savings with Microsoft Teams

November 27, 2020
Employee using Microsoft teams, reviewing dashboard screen

Working from home has quickly become normal for a lot of companies due to COVID-19. Collaboration has become a key piece of any successful organization and is essential to driving better business results. Digital communication and collaboration online have become important to keeping organisations in touch and productive.

Employees needs have changed and they have been demanding a more flexible way of working to provide a better work/life balance for some time. Not only does this bring improvements in employee well-being, it improves employee satisfaction and can increase productivity. The current pandemic, in many circumstances, has only accelerated this need but  it has also accelerated businesses strategies to deal with this demand.

With an increase in the need for collaboration, businesses require the technology to support their employees to access information, perform daily tasks and to collaborate with their colleagues.

Microsoft Teams has been at the forefront of enabling this digital communication and collaboration seeing daily usage increase by over 70% to in excess of 75 million daily users. This has improved daily work experience and is enabling organisations to achieve better business outcomes.

To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment, Forrester interviewed six customers and two partners with up to two years of experience using Microsoft Teams platform.

Prior to leveraging the Microsoft Teams platform, IT organizations at the interviewed companies struggled to drive adoption for productivity and data visualization tools already available to employees. Employees constantly switched between applications and tools throughout the day, losing time and momentum. To collaborate more efficiently with their colleagues, employees sometimes chose publicly available third-party communication applications, increasing risks for data security for the organizations.

Using the Microsoft Teams platform as a hub for teamwork enabled organizations to reduce disruptions to employee productivity, helped IT and security teams strengthen protection against data leaks, and contributed to a culture of citizen developers that, in turn, accelerated business digitization and innovation.

Read the New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ Of The Microsoft Teams Platform report from Forresters and commissioned by Microsoft, to find out more of the benefits of adopting this technology as part of you digital transformation journey.

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